Aria's & Grandmommy's Adventures - Solving the Mystery of Fire: The Good & The Bad
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Aria is a kindergarten superhero who likes to help others and share lessons she has learned with other children. She has a vivid imagination. With her grandmommy by her side, they go on various adventures. This book’s adventure involves learning good and bad things about fire and how love is like fire. The book also promotes family time, kids helping others and being nice.

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ACTIVATE: Secret Agents In Spiritual Warfare
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Do you know your "position" in God's Army? How active are you in the spiritual battle that is taking place all around you?

This book is designed to move you into more action when it comes to prayer and spiritual warfare. You may say, “I pray already” or “I already know about spiritual warfare.” Inspired by the Holy Spirit, those who read and follow the instructions in this book prayerfully will be commissioned to serve in a greater capacity in God’s Army.

Like a military unit waiting to be deployed into battle. Like a grenade that has been lying dormant until the pin has been pulled out. This book is designed to deploy you into active duty! It is designed to pull the pin out so you become explosive in prayer and spiritual warfare!

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Overwhelmed? Finding Help in Psalm 37 Devotional & Journal
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Unfortunately, if you are like most people, you are dealing with several problems right now. Most people have multiple roles that carry several duties and responsibilities with them. No wonder you feel overwhelmed!


Using Psalm 37, this book will help you:

-Experience peace in the midst of all you are going through

-Be encouraged

-Reflect and take actions that will help change your mindset and life


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