ACTIVATE: Secret Agents in Spiritual Warfare

ACTIVATE: Secret Agents In Spiritual Warfare

ACTIVATE: Secret Agents In Spiritual Warfare
Published by Write The Vision Publishing LLC
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"Dr. Adams shares her feelings, apprehensions, and reservations as God transformed her from a victim into a victor in spiritual warfare...These insights will be helpful to all the members of the body of Christ, from the ministers of the Gospel, the church officers and the intercessors, to the new converts and the seasoned saints."  -Bishop Darryl B. Starnes, Sr., AME Zion Church

"Be prepared to think, reflect, and ACTIVATE once you read these gems. As a young adult, I find so much wisdom within her books and I absolutely love them!"  - Shari Thompson

Do you know your "position" in God's Army? How active are you in the spiritual battle that is taking place all around you?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines activate as: (1) to make active or more active; (2) to set up or formally institute (as a military unit) with the necessary personnel and equipment; to put (an individual or unit) on active duty.

This book is designed to move you into more action when it comes to prayer and spiritual warfare. You may say, “I pray already” or “I already know about spiritual warfare.” Inspired by the Holy Spirit, those who read and follow the instructions in this book prayerfully will be commissioned to serve in a greater capacity in God’s Army.

Like a military unit waiting to be deployed into battle. Like a grenade that has been lying dormant until the pin has been pulled out. This book is designed to deploy you into active duty! It is designed to pull the pin out so you become explosive in prayer and spiritual warfare!

Paperback | 80 pages | $9.99 USD | 5 x 8 | 978-1-7344589-0-9 | June 18, 2020