MIRACLES: They Happen Every Day

MIRACLES:They Happen Every Day
By Bonita M. Sparks Adams
Published by Write The Vision Publishing LLC


Are you or someone you know facing something and need a miracle? Miracles don't just happen to random people every now and then. They are happening every day. You have probably experienced miracles in your life, but you didn't know it or recognize it as a miracle. This eBook is a compilation of 12 short true inspirational stories describing miracles that I have personally experienced. To some, these events may seem minor. However, upon looking closer, I will share with you how each was an "extraordinary event" or "divine intervention into my life" the definition of a miracle. As a result of reading my stories be challenged to start paying more attention to things happening around you, begin to realize just how much God intervenes in our daily lives, come to believe that miracles do happen every day. This revelation can provide you hope for anything you may be facing that seems impossible. 

eBook | 35 pages | 9781734458992 | February 19, 2021