Do It Right The First Time - Publish and Market Your Bestseller

Do It Right The First Time - Publish and Market Your Bestseller

Do It Right The First Time
How to Write, Publish, and Market Your Bestseller Anthology
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Do It Right the First Time: Publish and Market Your Bestseller will help you

  • Save thousands of dollars, hours of research, and tons of frustration
  • Minimize your expenses
  • Understand how to price your book
  • Copyright your book the right way
  • Generate multiple streams of income from one book


These contributions will help you publish and market your bestseller:

  • The Tale of Two Publishers by Necci Headen Cooper
  • Timing Concerns…What’s Realistic? by Bonita M. Sparks Adams
  • When Self-Copyright Goes WRONG by Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell, Esq.
  • Designing Books that Captivate Your Readers by Lisa Von De Linde
  • How to Develop Your Book Marketing Plan by Susan U. Neal
  • Maximizing and Monetizing Book Events by Valerie J. Lewis Coleman
  • Six Sensible Strategies for Selling Success by Garrett M. Carter, Ph.D.
  • Skyrocket Your Social Media Engagement with Nine Simple Strategies! by Queashar L. Halliburton
  • Don’t Reinvent the Wheel, Repurpose Your Content by Monique A. Chandler
  • Seven Tips to Speak to Sell! by Andrea Foy
  • Generating Multiple Streams of Income from Your Book by Denise M. Walker
  • Building Brand, Bridges, and Book Sales by Noni Banks
  • How I Sold Over 100,000 Copies of My Children’s Book...and Ways You Can Do It, Too! by Joylynn M. Ross


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$14.99 USD | August 1, 2022