Overwhelmed? Finding Help in Psalm 37 Devotional & Journal

Overwhelmed? Finding Help in Psalm 37 Devotional & Journal
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"If you are overwhelmed, prepare to be enriched, encouraged and empowered each day as you use this Holy Spirit inspired work from God's servant, Bonita Adams."  - Rev. Dr. Eric Leake, Author of Praying on Purpose

"A must read if feeling overwhelmed or challenged...The lessons and activities in the book were helpful, supported by scripture and the chapters were short and easy to follow and understand, allowing me to retain and put into action what I had just read." -Loni

"I LOVE THIS DEVOTIONAL!!! I found myself in each chapter of the book and it taught me so much.  It is a very easy, quick read and I would recommend this book to anyone, child or adult, stressed or unstressed. If you are overwhelmed it has a way of giving you peace and if you are not it will prepare you for times you are."  -Mika

Unfortunately, if you are like most people, you are dealing with several of these problems now:

-Not enough time, help or energy                  
-Approaching deadline

-Financial concerns                                        
-Fear of unknown

-Conflict with others                                      
-Test/Evaluation coming up

-Health concerns                                            
-Family issues

Most people have multiple roles that carry several duties and responsibilities with them. No wonder you feel overwhelmed!


Using Psalm 37, this book will help you:

-Experience peace in the midst of all you are going through

-Be encouraged

-Reflect and take actions that will help change your mindset and life


Paperback | 148 pages | $9.99 USD | 5 x 8 | 978-1-7344589-3-0 | June 18, 2020